Drama Days

Want even more theatre fun? Then join us one Saturday each month as we explore theatre in this 1-hour workshop! Explore theatre and all it has to offer.
Select Drama Days you would like to purchase:
The Work and Play Studio (formerly Transformama)
2288 Central Ave.
Memphis, TN 38104
Sept 17th 10am to 11am JK/PK
Oct 22nd 10am to 11am JK/PK
Nov 19th 10am to 11am JK/PK
Dec 15th 10am to 11am JK/PK
Sept 17th 11am to 12pm SK/1st
Oct 22nd 11am to 12pm SK/1st
Nov 19th 11am to 12pm SK/1st
Dec 15th 11am to 12pm SK/1st
Sept 17th 12pm - 1pm
2nd grade -5th grade
Oct 22nd 12pm - 1pm
2nd grade -5th grade
Nov 19th 12pm - 1pm
2nd grade -5th grade
Dec 15th 12pm - 1pm
2nd grade -5th grade
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