Drama Days

PRESCHOOL DRAMADAYS (ages 3-6 or with permission)
Max participants is 8; the cost is $35 per student for 10-noon.

DramaDays are held from 10:00-Noon on certain Saturdays throughout the month. Preschool students (potty trained and 3-6 years old) will participate in age-appropriate theatre games and activities, create a craft, and enjoy a snack. To keep everyone as safe as possible, all participants must wear masks and will be socially distanced and given individual craft supplies and snacks (nothing will be shared). As with any in-person activity, there is an inherent risk of coming into contact with germs including COVID-19. SunFish Children's Theatre takes every possible action to exceed the CDC's guidelines but cannot be held liable for any injury or sickness that results in participation.

April 10: Wonderland Tea Party
What impossible things could happen at a simple tea party in Wonderland? Come and find out as we explore the wonderful and zany world of Wonderland and create our own tea party crafts!
May 1: May Day Celebration
The first day of May is a magical time when we celebrate the beginning of a new season! Join us as we shrink ourselves to fly with fairies, wiggle with the insects, and wake up the daisies! Fun garden craft included
May 22: Pirate Treasure Hunt
Yo, Ho, Maties Away! Join all your pirate and mermaid friends as we hunt for lost treasure and adventure! Pirate craft included!
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