Sunfish Classes

Preschool Workshops will begin at 10:00am and will feature a storytime, activity, and craft time and will last 20-30 minutes
6th Creative Drama/ Movement
7th Ocean Friends
13th Emotion Masters
18th Fairies and Pirates
21st Superheroes

Elementary Workshops will begin at 1:00pm and will feature a full lesson on the following topics and will last 30-45 minutes
6th Audition I/Master the Monologue (this is a three week series; students are encouraged to attend all three)
11th Stage Makeup
13th Audition II
20th Audition II (Final/ Performance)
25th Simple Costume Design using things you already have
27th Master the Voice (creating character voices)

We are also working with several other sites in the East Memphis area! Stay tuned for more info!

Registration Coming Soon!!!!

Drama Days (various ages) are offered once a month and feature a 2-4 hour workshop on a specific theatrical topic. These workshops include snack, craft, and lesson taught by one of our professional theatre instructors. These can also be scheduled as a private group lesson, party, or class activity.

Private Lessons (all ages) are offered to any student wanting one-on-one lessons to work on acting techinique. The instructor will create a tailored plan for each student to challenge the student to excel. Private lessons can be tailored to focus on specific areas such as acting technique, vocal technique, stage presence, script analysis, audition prep, competition prep, film work, public speaking, or on basic theatre skills.

Contact Information

If you, your school, or education program is interested in hosting a SunFish Theatre Education Program, please contact Erin Lindberg, Creative Director, at (901) 826-6649 or at

If you are interested in any of our theatre education programs, private lessons please contact us at

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