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Fall  2019 CLASSES Coming Soon !!!!!



Preschool Theatre is designed for students ages 3-6 and focuses on literacy, expression, movement, and storytelling through creative drama activities. This class begins to introduce students to basic theatrical terms and skills such as stage, performance, audience, actor, the narrator, storytelling, body language, facial expression, and vocal tone. This class encourages students but never forces participation—instead, we allow the student to observe and decide to join the ‘fun’ when they are ready. This fosters personal decision making and confidence. Although this class is not performance driven, most classes are ready to share an original story at the end of the semester. Each semester focuses on one or two specific theatrical skills, with all elements being introduced over 4 semesters, and ends with an open class for family and friends.



Please Contact: Erin with any questions


DramaDays are Saturday Theatre workshops, specially designed for ages 3-6 (or with a sibling).
All workshops are $35 and include a snack and craft.




Private Lessons are offered for students who are too old to participate in other programs, are new to theatre, or would like coaching in a specific area such as auditioning (stage or film), vocal support, stage presence/ movement, dialects, or scholarship auditions.

Teacher Bio

Erin Lindberg has her Master’s Degree in Theatre Education from the University of Northern Colorado and her BA from Rhodes College. She has been in over 50 plays, coached winning drama teams, and taught theatre since 2005 both inside the classroom and as a teaching artist with a professional theatre company. She and her husband live in Memphis with their two daughters.