Sunfish Classes

Spring 2022 Classes

Due to COVID precautions all sites are 'closed' sites and open only to enrolled students. If you would like to host a small group, please contact us at

Christ The King Preschool

Mondays 9:30-10:30

Ages 3-4

(begins Feb 7) 10 classes @ $150

Primary Preschool Theatre Midtown Montessori

Begins Monday Feb. 7th



Grace St. Luke's Theatre Adventures Tuesdays


Lindenwood Preschool Wednesdays

(Bears and Dinos)

Begins Feb. 9th 9:45/10:30, 10 classes @ $150

Lindenwood Preschool Fridays

(Giraffes, Bees, and Owls)

Begins Feb. 11th 9:00/9:45/10:30, 10 classes @ $150

Theatre Adventures (Preschool; open ONLY to GSL students)

Grace St. Luke's

Tuesdays 3:00-3:30, 3:40-4:10

Campus School Mondays


(SK-5th) Begins Jan 10th 19 classes @ $290 (separate class)

Midtown Montessori Wednesdays


Begins Feb 9th 10 classes @ $180

Campus School Thursdays

3:00-4:00 (SK-5th)

Begins Jan. 13 19 classes @ $290 (separate class)

Maira Montessori Elementary Thursdays

3:30 - 4:30 PM

Begins Feb. 10 - 12 classes @ 180

Drama Days (various ages) are offered once a month and feature a 2-4 hour workshop on a specific theatrical topic. These workshops include snack, craft, and lesson taught by one of our professional theatre instructors. These can also be scheduled as a private group lesson, party, or class activity.

Dino-tastic Drama (Preschool)

Think that Dinosaurs RULE? The join Ms. Erin as we use our theatrical skills to not only search for dinosaurs but BECOME the gigantic creatures! Fun dino-themed theatre games and puppet craft included.

February 12, 10-Noon - $35

Audition Prep (Elementary)

Designed for all experience levels, this elementary theatre workshop will prepare you for the best audition of your career! Ages 6-15 will learn the tricks and tips for an amazing audition. All materials (including monolog) included

February 26 10-Noon - $35

Magic Masquerade (Mardi Gras theme) Preschool

I love a good party...don't you? In this DramaDay, students ages 3-6 will create their own fancy mask and go on a mysterious scavenger hunt full of theatrical secrets and crazy characters!

March 5 10-Noon - $35

Llama Llama does some Drama! (preschool)

Love that Llama Llama drama? Then join us for this Llama-themed theatre day! We'll use the Llama Llama book series to create our own Llama Drama and solve our own problems! We'll even create a Llama craft!

April 2 10- Noon  - $35

Mastering the Monolog (elementry)

All alone on stage...the Monolog might intimidate...but not for long! In this Elementary Theatre workshop actors will learn how to create unique characters and deliver the perfect, no-stress monolog. All materials included including monolog.

April 9 10-Noon - $35

Take a Bow (all ages)

In this end-of-year we will celebrate our theatrical happenings with theatre games, improvisation, and the creation of a memorable theatre craft! For all ages 3-15

May 21 10-Noon - $35

These small group lessons are for any age student who would like the attention of a private lesson but in a small group setting. This is great for homeschool groups, work group/ co-workers, and friends. These lessons can be geared toward a special topic such as theatre/costume design, public speaking, acting technique, improvisation, etc. The cost is $10 per person, per class with a minimum of 4 classes but must be used consecutively.

These 30 minute virtual lessons are one-on-one with our Master instructor, Erin Lindberg, M.A. who has over 30 years of theatre experience. Lessons can focus on audition/ scholarship prep, acting technique, monologue prep, staging, public speaking, etc. Four lessons are $140 or sixteen for $480 and can be used within 1 year of purchase.

Contact Information

If you, your school, or education program is interested in hosting a SunFish Theatre Education Program, please contact Erin Lindberg, Creative Director, at (901) 826-6649 or at

If you are interested in any of our theatre education programs, private lessons please contact us at

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