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Our Mission

SunFish Children’s Theatre is a community theatre serving the Greater Memphis area. 

Our focus is on the individual child, using creativity and self-expression to involve, educate and encourage. SunFish Children’s Theatre will provide a positive artistic experience for every student using workshops, individual lessons and quality community performances.

We believe in positive experiences for both the student and their families. Care is taken to not only educate the student but also to encourage and involve them. All productions are cast from open community auditions and free to participants.

Our support comes from volunteers, program advertisers, and sponsorships. If you would like more information on how to get involved please email Jennifer@sunfishct.com


Want even more theatre fun? Then join us one Saturday each month as we explore theatre in this 1-hour workshop! Explore theatre and all it has to offer.



Our Classes

Creative drama is a process-oriented method of using theatre activities to explore the environment, characters, expression, and storytelling. Instead of students learning lines (performance-oriented), students create their own stories, characters, and plays from organic experiences all while gaining the same (if not enhanced) theatrical skills as they would be exposed to in a performance-driven program. Creative drama gives the students ownership of their creations and allows time for skills and topics to be fully explored without the fear of ‘doing it wrong’. Creative drama also allows the instructor the flexibility to include other skills and topics (such as reading, math, science, social issues) into the classroom environment. It is a positive and encouraging method used to stimulate creativity, ownership, and exploration of the world around participants.


SunFish Special Events

SunFish Children’s Theatre is a great place to have your Special Events! We have options for all ages…but all of them include a day of theatre fun, craft! A SunFish Special Event is a FUN-day party!

Holiday Classes
Birthday parties
Parent’s Night Out
Parent’s Day Out
Private Lessons
Small Group Lessons

Contact us at Info@sunfishct.com for more information on these events.

Local Businesses We Love!!



Are you a local Memphis business or small local business wanting to partner with us?
Do you want SunFish to visit your school?
Are you interested in teaching for SunFish?
Contact Us: jennifer@sunfishct.com and (901) 279-1808



(901) 279-1808


“Our focus is on the individual child, using creativity and self-expression to involve, educate and encourage”

About Us

I am so excited and thrilled to continue this journey with each of you! I had been following Sunfish
and its endeavors for some time, so when I read that it would not be here for you all anymore I
thought, this cannot be. And the thought never quite left my head. I have a four year old daughter
who is extremely expressive with an overactive imagination, and couldn’t bear the thought of an
educational arts program for her age group ceasing to exist in the Memphis area. There are just not
enough to go around for her age, not to mention at the elementary level. I do believe we have schools
in Memphis that are gifted with talented teachers to bring the arts into the classroom, and for this
they are loved, but I also know time is of the essence in these formative years. I believe that the arts
are necessary for teaching children essential life skills they will be able to use for a lifetime of
creative, imaginative, and transformative ways of thinking, not to mention using problem solving
and interesting new ways of communicating with peers to tell a story or create a piece of art that is
truly their own. I look forward to partnering with each of you during this exciting time and wish you
all nothing but the best and most memorable of summers! Please do not forget to check our website
for updates on the fall semester later this month, including Drama Days, packed with more
excitement than ever before! I will be reaching out to your schools over the next few weeks for
scheduling. Welcome aboard!
Jennifer Aycock, Owner/ Director
Sunfish Children’s Theatre Memphis

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